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Niche Ireland Consult is a sales performance improvement organisation that helps clients create more value during sales cycle execution, and capture more value during sales negotiations. We are a dedicated sales, marketing and promotions agency, providing practical insights that power growth.

We deal with short, medium to long term campaigns, which allow businesses to pursue sales or marketing campaigns without hiring on permanent staff, simplifying the process and allowing work to be completed in a much more efficient manner.

We implement the practice of hiring temporary staff to satisfy a number of needs that do not arise on a regular basis. These needs being met, the business may choose to remove the campaign from their service which cuts costs substantially. Temporary staffing options are a great alternative to implement through us. With our promotional representatives available throughout we can conduct any activity in any area you need. The calibre of professionals we assign to a team ensures strong results, accountability and transparency.

Our services make people take notice, in contrast to conventional approaches that merely push messages at people, our style of marketing pulls people in. We engage people on their terms, increasing their acceptance of your message and decreasing your marketing costs. Designed to either stand alone or to support existing sales efforts, our services can be vital to your campaign.



Brand Ambassadors, Event Staffing, Street Teams

Are you looking for brand ambassadors to staff your next event, promotion, or campaign? Niche Ireland Consult specializes in providing consumer-focused companies with promotional talent to represent their brands. Whether you need 5 or 100 brand ambassadors, we can provide you with a promotional staffing solution. We recruit and train promotional staffers who provide the public face for your brand.

Are you looking for help with convention, promotional or trade show staffing? If so, we can help. Whether you want trade show and convention staffing to help support onsite activities or you need promotional staffing to strengthen your brand marketing efforts, we can be there.

We guarantee the quality of our representatives, making sure that all members of our trade show and convention staffing teams are engaging, and dedicated to your success.

In the constantly changing world of marketing, street teams are the secret weapons in the battle against consumer boredom.

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