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Field Activities

Niche Ireland Consult brings to the table extensive experience in field marketing. Our services include an array of communication and campaign management, as well as outstanding customer service. Once we establish an overall strategy, we work with you to customize your campaign to meet your unique objectives.


Merchandising is any technique, action or promotional material used at point of sale to provide information and give better visibility to products or services. The purpose of all this is to motivate and influence the purchasing decisions for consumers. The product might be in the shop but well hidden from the consumers, we make it our responsibility to put the product in the limelight that’s why we specialise in tailored merchandising strategies which are critical to keeping your brand available, visible & attractive to your customers. With our creative retail merchandising solutions we guarantee you’ll stand a much better chance of standing out in the few seconds it takes a consumer to make a purchasing decision.

In-Store Promotions

Niche Ireland Consult in-store promotions take on many forms. Ranging from food and beverage sampling to product demonstrations, in-store promotions provide the all-important one-to-one contact with consumers. This contact provides you an excellent opportunity to attract and interest consumers to your latest brand offerings. Whether you want to promote your products at retail stores, or if you want nationwide coverage at large wholesale stores, we can supply you with the best staff for the job. Ranging from highly attractive promotional models to experienced product demonstrators, we will match the right people to your promotion.

Product Sampling

Product sampling services encourages the trial and purchase of your products and is one of the most effective methods to get your product into the hands of consumers. Product sampling can reach an extremely large audience, or can be extremely targeted, depending on your goals. We specialize in reaching consumers with product sampling campaigns everywhere.

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